IoT Saturdays are coming

The IoT Saturday (IoTS) program provides tools, resources, and support needed for local event leaders to organize and host a free day of IoT training anywhere in the world. These events seek to:

Funding and Ownership

The IoT Saturday / IoTS brand and website are licensed for use at no charge to both groups and individuals who seek to host events.

Want to host an event?

We’d be glad to help organize a successful event in your area. Organizing an event requires a lot of planning and hard work but the results as seen in the improvement of the community are well worth it. The following is an overview of what’s involved in hosting an event.

A successful event is one that meets the expectations of the attendees. It is for that reason that events are chaired by individuals in the local community.

The IoTS team provides the following resources to help organize and execute an event:

We’re putting together a wiki to act as an event guide for event leadership, budget coordination, speaker selection, session scheduling, marketing, volunteer coordination, venue selection, catering, and of course, marketing and socializing!

We are looking to get the inaugural event started soon. If you are interesting in helping contact IoTS at